Spring Harbor Contract Options in Columbus, Georgia

Spring Harbor Offers Three Accommodating Plans

Declining Refund Plan

The Declining Refund plan has the lowest entrance fee amount and provides a prorated refund of the entrance fee if you leave for any reason within the first 48 months at Spring Harbor. There is no refund after this period.

The 50% Refundable Plan

This plan provides that your entrance fee will be a 50% refund less one percent for each full calendar month per contract termination. That amount will not be less than half of your entrance fee paid.

The 90% Refundable Plan

For this option, you’ll pay a higher initial entrance fee. However, if you leave the community, you or your estate is refunded no less than 90% of that fee.

About Monthly Service Fees

The monthly service fee is based on the type and size of the unit in which you reside and is based on the costs of operating and managing Spring Harbor.

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